The Justices of the Peace and Constables Association, Inc. is the largest organization of elected county officials in the State of Texas.


JPCA Day at the Capitol

Mark your calendars! February 28, 2017 is JPCA Day at the Capitol. Join us as we meet legislators and take a photo on the front steps. That night, we will hold a cocktail reception meet and greet for JPCA members and legislators.

Scholarship Program


Each year, JPCA members can nominate family members to be considered for the Lunsford, Lee, Paschall, & Eakin Memorial Scholarship. For detailed information and the nomination form, visit the website below.

2017 Annual Conference

Austin skyline

Join us for the 2017 Conference in Austin, TX from June 26-30, 2017. Registration opens on March 1st. Come see the bats, listen to music, and meet for education, fun and fellowship with JPCA members.


Why should you join JPCA?


JPCA has been involved in providing high quality education since 1958. JPCA created the Texas Justice Court Training Center and continues to sponsor its programs for both Judicial and Civil Process education. Click here to learn more. 


JPCA has long enjoyed a stellar reputation at the State Capitol and continues to develop relationships with state representatives to protect and advocate for your interests. Click here to learn more.


All JPCA members serve their counties and constituents. Likewise, JPCA wants to provides its members with networking opportunities, leadership training, and family member scholarships. Click here to learn more.