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JPCA has been involved in providing education for its members and Justices of the Peace, Constables, justice court clerks, and Deputy Constables since 1958. JPCA is the creator and sponsor of TJCTC and partners with LEMIT for law enforcement training. Also, JPCA regional associations provide educational opportunities in their area of the state. Read below to learn more information about educational opportunities and recent changes to the law that may affect your court or office.


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TJCTC Upcoming Seminars

TJCTC provides justice court education to Justices of the Peace & Court Personnel and Civil Process education to Constables, Deputy Constables, and Constable Clerks. Click below for dates and locations of upcoming seminars.

Justice of the Peace Seminars
Newly elected or appointed Justice of the Peace Education
Court Personnel Seminars
Civil Process Seminars


The Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas provides law enforcement training to Constables. Visit their website for more information about upcoming training at


West Texas JPCA

West Texas JPCA will be holding their annual conference in Lubbock in April and will provide 10 hours of justice of the peace, court personnel, constable, and deputy constable education. For more information about courses and the conference, visit